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Cynthia's Reluctant Journey to Awakening


Read The Eye of the Dolphin for a full account of Cynthia's amazing journey.


Cynthia began her journey as a channel for spirit and a trance-medium after a mystical encounter with a dolphin. Thereafter, she frequently heard a mysterious Scottish-accented voice outside her left ear. She eventually learned that this was Dr. James M. Peebles. But long before that, as a child she saw and had frequent conversations with Yeshua (Jesus) as though he were a wise older brother.

CynthiaHer journey as a channel continued with channeling a new energy on earth called Universal Heart. Then the Golden Dolphin Pod of One wanted to speak, followed by the Sirian Council of 12. She has come full circle to finally channel Yeshua who, from early in her childhood, taught her about how to be unconditionally loving.

All of these beings are channeled by others.  Cynthia was told by them that they choose to come through different people to bring forth different aspects so that they can reach "the many rather than the few".  An example of this might be that one medium on the earth plane has a strong background in science so they will be picked to work through because it is easier for spirit to bring forth information regarding science.  In other words the terminology is available in that person's brain.  Cynthia was chosen because of her  training and love of heart energy.  She brings through information through the template of the heart.

On the Higher Teachings page you will find audio excerpts and transcripts from some of the extraordinary sessions Cynthia has channeled.

Yeshua Ben Joseph (The Christed One known as Jesus)

My journey with Yeshua actually has always been a deep and pivotal part in my life.  Even though I have been channeling for 10 years for other loving beings I had never entertained being a channel for Yeshua, that is until Sept. of 2008.

I was told by my gate keeper (Dr. Peebles) in Jan. of 2008 that at the end of the year I would be returning to my roots.  Humorously yet seriously I asked, "Does this mean that I will be moving back to Utah?  He laughed and said, " No dear, you will be returning to your roots on other levels."  That is all he said and I had no idea what that really meant. So patiently I waited to see what would unfold. I have learned that pushing for answers from the angels just does not work.

Then in Sept. of 2008 Yeshua walked up to me and said he wanted me to channel him.  I asked him why and he said that he desired to use my vehicle (body) by which to bring through his teachings.  However he did not want to quote scriptures but to let people see him as his brother.  He wanted to explain many of the things that were written wrong about him and his life as well as to help bridge the gap that Christianity had created.  He explained he was lonely sitting on a pedestal and he needed to dismantle that type of thought form. 

I have always had a personal connection with the Christ.  He use to come and sit with me and explain many things about people and life that I had a hard time understanding. We would sit and talk for hours.  One night when I was in my 20's I received some bad news about a family member that I dearly loved.  I was broken hearted and cryed and cryed.  Yeshua came and sat with me all night helping my troubled heart and explained why this situation had occurred and calmed me.

Then one night I had a 104 fever and he placed his hands upon me and healed me instantly. 

I had thought that this type of encounter with him was normal and everyone had this type of relationship.  It was not until my 30's that I found this not to be true.  I never talked with anyone about my talks with him because I thought it was so common.  Besides who would be interested?

I guess is was silly of me to be so shocked when he came and asked me to channel him, however I was shocked. Soooo this is how I began my public life with Yeshua.

That Spooky Voice
Outside Cynthia's Left Ear


Dr. Peebles has been with me for many years.  The first time I became aware of him was through another medium.  I had kept hearing in my ear that I needed to go to Sedona.  At that time I did not know of anyone in Sedona and so fought the idea of going there.  You can read more about this amazing journey in my book "The Eye of the Dolphin".  Finally someone brought me some information that made me realize that it was this spirit named Dr. Peebles that I needed to go and see.  So that I did.  It was at this time that he came through and told me I was a very stubborn woman.  He had apparently been trying to get me to him for some time.  It's funny now but I don't think I was making his job very easy.

Dr. Peebles and I had been sailors in a past life, actually many of them and we had agreed to do a special work together;  he in the spirit world and me on earth.  Thus has begun the most fascinating journey of my life.  He has his own unique personality and is filled with a lot of joy.  He always makes me laugh.  When any of the others can't get me to do something they send in Dr. Peebles.  He can always reason with me in a way that makes sense. 


Dolphin's Penetrating Gaze Transforms Cynthia's Life


During a scuba diving trip to Central America in the '80s, my life changed forever. That morning I walked onto the pier over the dolphin pens to ask a diving instructor about local dive sites. In the pool I noticed several dolphins playing close to where I stood. I was more interested in learning about diving locations than watching the dolphins. However, as I continued my conversation with the diving instructor, one dolphin actively sought my attention.

I finally looked at this insistent dolphin and saw that he had rolled onto his side so he had a full view of me. I realized that he wanted to communicate with me, so I turned to face him. Immediately I felt a wave of unconditional love like a powerful embrace that warmed and opened my heart.

As I looked into his eye, I felt I was seeing deep into the dolphin's soul and that he was seeing into mine. As we shared this connection, an energetic transfer of information flowed from the dolphin into my heart and mind. Time stood still as the dolphin communicated many things to me. When the energy left, I felt I had been changed by the encounter but was not sure how.

Over the next few weeks I discovered that I could telepathically communicate with, as well as channel, all the creatures of the sea. I also noticed that I was hearing a profound and entertaining voice with a Scottish accent chatting to me outside my left ear. Later I learned that this was the well known spirit-being named Dr. James Martin Peebles.

My awakening journey has indeed been a magical adventure into a world filled with love, kindness and magic.

My communications and channelings with Dr. Peebles, the Golden Dolphin Pod of One and Universal Heart of Oneness continues to be a journey of opening and healing my own heart, recognizing my true self and understanding my oneness with all. My experiences provide a springboard for me to help others do the same.

My Dog's Death Facilitates
The Birth of Universal Heart

Since 1998 I channeled Dr. Peebles in private as well as group sessions. I also comunicate telepathically with my animals to have a better understandning of their needs and to facilitate harmony within my home.


I started my journey toward channeling Universal Heart in January 2006 when my beloved dog Mookie was diagnosed with lung cancer.

In June she began her dying process. I am quite familiar with the process of dying, having worked in an intensive care unit for years and having been a hospice worker. More personally, I have, over the years, lost family, yet the last 2 1/2 years have been especially heart wrenching. My dear stepson, whom I raised, my 18 year old niece, who lived with us for a year, and another precious dog and cat, all transitioned. So death and grieving are processes I thought I knew and understood. However, this death, somehow, was so much more intense. I cannot find the words to express the pain I felt, the tears I cried or the anger I screamed at the universe for taking my Mookie from me. I had suffered so much loss over the last two and a half years, I didn’t think I could survive yet another death.

I was willing to go to any lengths and expense to heal Mookie, but she was clear about how she wanted her death to be. When I asked her what she wanted, she asked that I not intervene in any way, telling me, “My time is nearly done, Mom. Let it be.” She did however, request that I not “put her to sleep”, but stay by her side throughout the process, walking this last path with her. She said this commitment to be with her had something to do with my spiritual growth and work and that it was the last gift of love she could give to me while being in physical form. I didn’t understand any of what she was saying because, in my mind, I was very knowledgeable about death and dying. However I loved her so much I agreed to everything that she wanted.


In early June Mookie appeared fine although she had periodic bouts of coughing and wheezing and she was growing visibly weaker. One day, however, I found her unconscious and running a high fever. I had hoped she might decide to stay and heal herself, since she knew quite well how to do that, having assisted me for years in helping my clients to heal, but she stuck with her intention to transition. However, she lovingly waited until I learned the lessons that she knew would support my spiritual work. During the 11 days that it took for me to learn and integrate, I slept on the floor next to her and was never more than three feet from her as she had requested. As my living quarters are quite small, I was able to take care of the bare necessities that I needed without leaving her side. I watched her every move in order to ensure that she was as comfortable as she could be.


As the days melted together I became aware of the angels working on my physical body. I saw Jesus and the white brotherhood standing over me. I lay on the floor next to Mookie and received the teachings and felt my body change. There were times her beautiful brown eyes would look into mine and I could not tell any longer the difference between us. We seemed to be one. I began to understand on a very small scale something about oneness. Yet the grief of losing her was so great, sometimes I would forget and slip back into separateness and begin crying again. Then I would hear her say, “Mom, it is not possible for me to leave you for I am in you and you are in me. Let the crying go now.” I would ease out of the grief as she talked with me and would, again, focus on seeing the bigger picture. I was starting to “get it” but was torn inside because I knew when I got the lessons I would lose her. Do I grow or not grow? That was the question I asked myself over and over again. Yet I knew growth is why we are here on Planet Earth, so I knew what I had to do.


Finally, the day arrived when I had gotten all the teachings spirit had for me in this process. I could feel this was it. I watched helplessly in those last few hours as she struggled and gasped for each breath. Yet she kept saying to me telepathically, “Mom, I am not suffering. It is an illusion that what you are seeing is suffering. I am quite well.” She would remind me of the teachings I had been receiving from the angels and Jesus. It was challenging for me to hold onto what she was telling me since my eyes saw something so different and my heart was feeling such grief. It was one of the most difficult and wonderful times of all my years here upon this earth. My pain and joy melted together in those last moments.


After Mookie’s death I began to feel increasingly different physically as more changes occurred in my body. About two weeks after she was laid to rest I received the information from my guides that I would be channeling the Universal Heart. I was told that Mookie had placed parts of herself within me in those last 11 days. When she died she had returned to source -all that is- and she had taken parts of my soul with her. That explained what felt to me like a giant yank on a cord inside my soul. How could this possibly be? I truthfully thought I was loosing my grip on reality until I conferred with several trusted, reliable, psychic friends and they all, independently, gave the same explanation. Yes, I had indeed been connected back into source. I even watched (clairvoyantly) as a glowing white light moved into the core of my physical body.


Over the next 3 months I was given by Spirit a strict set of instructions to follow to prepare me for channeling this energy. The information was flooding into my body like a dam had broken loose. I found I had new ways of seeing life and feeling life, free from the emotional attachments that I had had in the past. As this change from channeling Dr. Peebles to channeling the Universal Heart continued, I could feel the changes in my body deepen as my heart opened and expanded even more. People shared with me that I looked and acted differently.


As I followed the instructions to prepare my body for the new energy, Dr. Peebles came to me (I see him clairvoyantly and hear him clairaudiently) and announced that it was time for him to step back from our daily communications. I felt overwhelmed as though I was experiencing another death. I had been talking telepathically with this beautiful spirit guide for 9 years on a daily basis personally, as well as channeling him for others. He also requested that I not call on him after a certain date. He explained that I depended upon him so much that I would not be able to journey with the new energy and create the new pathways in my physical system if I continued working with him in the way we had been.


I felt so alone! It took three months for us to separate and say our goodbyes. Again I went through the mourning process. Yet knowing Mookie and Dr. Peebles as well as I did, I knew they would never ask anything of me that was not for the highest good of myself and humanity, so I agreed. Dr. Peebles, in those last few weeks of our time together, explained to me many things. And he assured me that he would someday be channeled through me again, which after a year, he is!


Dr. Peebles continues to be my gatekeeper when I channel. He prepares my energy field for channeling the Universal Heart energy and then helps to bring me back into my body and stabilize me at the end of the channeling. I am grateful for his help as this new energy is so expansive that there have been times when I channel that I could neither see nor sense my body on the Earth. When it is time to return, I hear Dr. Peebles’ loving voice calling to me and feel him begin pulling me back through the ethers, always my friend, watching over me.


Now that I have been channeling this energy for awhile I can truthfully say how much I love it. I am so grateful for the teachings. What I realize more and more is what I was fighting back in June 2006 was the letting go process of the individuality of Dr. Peebles and my Mookie. I now realize that the way I was thinking is what contributed to my staying in duality. My journey now is to join that of Oneness. I dedicate myself to this process of learning these teachings that the Universal Heart has come to offer. I am learning there never is a good-bye for inside me there lives my Mookie dear, Dr. Peebles, my step son, my niece Ashley, my dad, your dad, your mom, your brother and all of our dads, moms, brothers and animal friends and the list goes on. It is all that is. It is all inside of us. I recount the scripture from Jesus (Yeshua), “The Kingdom of God is Within.” It is within us that all things are.


As we grow in these understandings we leave the world of pain behind. I am finding new strength, love, and understanding for myself and others as I take this journey into the new and loving world of detachment and freedom from the earth drama. (The Universal Heart interrupts me and wants to say something...), “Remember dear ones, life is a process of learning and detaching. It is how you see your journey that makes it painful or wonderful. You are the creator.”


I, Cynthia, continue: I would also like to say I am just like you, dear reader, working on loving myself unconditionally. I fall down and then pick myself up. Some moments I love myself and sometimes I feel like I have failed terribly. What is important is not how often I fall but do I get up and keep moving. I know that the more I love myself the more I can love you. I know that is the way to help the world and that is my own personal commitment to this journey and to you, my brothers and sisters.


With much Love, Cynthia


Sirian Council of 12

The Galactic Dolphins


I have had my connection with the dolphins for years.  You can read about the early conversations in my book, "The Eye of The Dolphin".  However I never thought about them being ET's or associated with them.   It never mattered to me as they were my friends.  Then one day about two years ago (2007) they came and asked me to start channeling them.  They explained to me that they were from my home planet and desired now to speak through me.  They gave me a very long detailed message about my life, where I was going and why they needed to come through me.

After I received this message I began tuning into them and began allowing them to come through.  They are a very different energy from the others that I bring through. When they speak to me they are rapid in their speech, strong and direct.  I channel with my eyes open and walk around.  Thus far this is not the case with the others that I channel. 

During the year 2009 I have undergone many DNA changes in behalf of my Sirius brothers and sisters.  To continue to hold their energy it has required that they amp me considerable. I very much enjoy their different way of communicating with me and others.

I learned from my brothers and sisters of Sirius that this planet cannot ascend without their help.  They are not in exclusion of the Christ energy but in service of the Christ and all work together to bring forth the Ascension. 

After the many conversations with them I was informed by them that it was them that had done surgery on my body some 15 years before this current (official) meeting in 2007.  I had cancer in my left breast; of course before the surgery I had no idea that I had cancer. Then one night they did a radical mastectomy.  Having worked for a plastic surgeon I well understood what this surgery entailed.  One morning I woke up screaming and holding my left breast.  As I awakened screaming I saw this group of medical looking beings (on the other plane) tell me that I had had breast surgery as I had cancer and they needed to remove it or I would not of survived.  I was also told to be careful with that side and not lift my arm much for three weeks and to fill this breast with light.) Of course at that time I did not fully understand where these beings had come from but I felt peaceful and knew that they were helping me.  It was during the year of 2009 that they told me they were the one and the same.  This is when I realized that I had really been in contact with them for many many years.

Archangel Michael

I have worked with Michael in my energy work and dealing with the harder forces.  As you all know he is well versed in his abilities.  Michael is one of those beings that wanted to come through me and I refused, even though I dearly love him.  Finally Michael sent me some dear friends who worked with him almost exclusively and asked me over and over to channel him.  I refused over and over but finally realized how much it meant to this man.  So I agreed, and that is how it all began.

I refused for so long because his entry into my body was painful.  He was so large and it felt uncomfortable to me.  I am not saying this is true for everyone he comes through it is just how it affected me.  They finally made some energy adjustments in my body and I let loose and agreed.  From that time on I have been channeling him and love him dearly.  He is very strong and works with the duality in the world.  There is much written about him through many different people.  I have my own connection with him. 

It is important for anyone who reads this information to understand that these beautiful spirits pick different people to work through for the different aspects each person presents.  It helps them get their messages through better.

Mother Mary & Quan Yin

Their energy is very much alike.  Both kind, gentle, strong and loving.  I have been channeling these two wonderful beings for almost 10 years.  It was natural to channel them. As they came to me it was like the memory of riding a bike.  I just opened up and they came floating into me.  From there on it was like I had always been with them.

It is always a pleasure and a gift to experience these loving, kind energies.  Their love for humanity is enough to reduce me to tears as I feel them come in.













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